Exchanging the car for the bike: see how this change can help you save money

Have you thought about making a positive change in your routine? How about leaving your car in the garage and swapping it for a bike? This is a great option, as well as providing the less stressful and healthier life, still yields to good savings by putting all the expenses at the end of the pencil at the end of the month.

In addition to becoming a hobby and being a more sustainable option, betting on this means of transportation, which does not require full tank and other additional expenses, can be really advantageous. The initial investment is already much lower, after all, the average cost of a bike is quite affordable and will be compensated.

You can leave home without money.


Even if it’s a little tighter or with more bills in a given month, you can use the bike to work and leave without any problem. In the beginning, choose to ride your bike on its shortest routes, such as in a trial period, and you will quickly get used to it and turn the practice into a daily habit.

Significant reduction of expenses with parking, fines and castors

Significant reduction of expenses with parking, fines and castors

The economy with parking should also go into the calculation, after there are several places where you can stop your bike for free, depending on your locality, such as some subway and train stations, shopping centers and supermarkets. And even if you opt for paid parking the amount charged is usually very low.

In the case of ends, which end up being common when the car is used a lot, the bicycle generates a great economy. In addition, you will not have to use other means of transportation or use another vehicle in the days of your plate.

Rides will be replaced by travel partners

Rides will be replaced by travel partners

Even if expenses are divided, when talking about rides for work or even sporadic tours, the highest expense always ends with the owner of the car. With the bike, it is possible to win new friends to accompany you on the whole route, but without there is some kind of expense for locomotion.

Decrease in vehicle maintenance cost

Decrease in vehicle maintenance cost

Every car, especially when it starts to run very daily, needs to undergo a review, according to the time or mileage, and sometimes even it becomes necessary to change some parts, which weighs heavily in the budget. With the bike is much easier and cheaper to buy new tools or even bet on the total exchange of equipment.

Increased quality of life

It is a fact that this exchange requires a period of adaptation, but the benefits are easily perceived. Besides all the economic advantages that the bike offers, it guarantees you the practice of a very healthy physical activity, without having to stop your routine activities, because you exercise while doing something you need: to get around. It is also important to note that the use of cycling is not an option, but it is also important to note that there is a significant increase in the number of outdoor activities in the city.

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